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Successfully installed solar in Ntenungi secondary school with BME korea and SDGYOUTH as part of our pilot before we roll out the big installation of over 400 health centers in January 2024

The Minister of Public Service, Hon. Muruli Mukasa, has been commended for supporting humanitarian interventions aimed at uplifting people’s livelihoods and contributing towards closing energy gaps in healthcare , education and public service.

In partnership with BME korea and SDGYOUTH, solar power systems have been donated that will roll out in health centers in Uganda and the innitiative is expected to run for 5 years.

Solar installation in Ntenungi secondary has been done successfully as part of our pilot project before the roll out to other sites. Equipments to power Nteninji Health center 3 are in place and we believe UNHCR and Ministry of health will facilitate the installation .

Installation in over 400 health centers is expected by January 2024 for the benefit of the community.

The Minister thanked South Korean and other friendly countries for such support as a contribution to achieving our Vision 2040.

October 12, 2023

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