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Death gratuity
OpenMURUNGI ALIMAHAD asked 8 months ago • 
158 views0 answers0 votes
OpenMURUNGI ALIMAHAD asked 8 months ago • 
171 views0 answers0 votes
Salary structure interpretation
OpenNGONDWE PONSIUS KIIZA asked 1 year ago • 
330 views0 answers-2 votes
Who currently heads the Ministry of Public Service
OpenMundua Patrick asked 2 years ago • 
3728 views0 answers1 votes
How do i get a printed copy of my pay slip?
AnsweredAkampurira Anita answered 9 months ago • 
3014 views11 answers-4 votes
What is study leave?
AnsweredOkiria Joseph answered 9 months ago • 
1088 views1 answers0 votes
How are the benefits of deceased officers handled?
AnsweredOmara Aron answered 9 months ago • 
3015 views1 answers-6 votes
What is involved in the processing of retirement benefits?
AnsweredSam kuteesa answered 10 months ago • 
977 views4 answers-4 votes
What are the requirements for early retirement?
AnsweredNagawa jaliaah answered 12 months ago • 
2681 views1 answers-8 votes
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