Policy and Planning Department

Policy and Planning is responsible for coordinating planning and budgeting process while ensuring that all plans, programmes and policies are aligned to the National Planning and Policy Frameworks. It also monitors and evaluates the implementation of the Ministry policies, plans, programmes and projects.

Is the technical planning and policy arm of the ministry which supports Departments during policy formulation, analysis and reviews among other activities. The department is also responsible for the Ministry’s statistics system data collection, analysis, dissemination and storage.

Key Achievements

Among the key achievements for FY 2017/2018 are:

The department has been strengthened through merging of the Monitoring &Evaluation with the Policy &Planning.

Secondly the department has been able to produce Ministry’s Strategic Plan 2015/16- 2019/20 and an Abridged Version and Plan for Statistics.

Thirdly Ministry’s Policy Statement for the FY 2018/19 prepared and submitted to MoFPED and Parliament

The Department Spearheaded the preparation of project proposals and such projects include ;establishment of Service Uganda Centers, establishment of Civil Service College Phase1, equipping the National Records Center and Archives and  construction of Office Extension Block at MoPS Headquarters..

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