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Ministry of Public Service is a Government Ministry providing strategic and managerial leadership on all matters of Human Resource in Uganda’s Public Service.

The Ministry is geared towards facilitating an efficient and effective Public Service through taking care of enabling policies, systems and structures. This focuses on performance for national development and improved quality of life in Uganda.

Ministry of Public Service has a number of affiliated institutions for support to achieve its mission. The institutions include; Public Service Commission (PSC); and Civil Service College.

Ministry of Public Service is run under 3 Directorates which include; Management Services, Inspection & Quality Assurance and Human Resource Management.

General Services:
The services offered by the Ministry of Public Service include:-

  • Policy Setting and implementation
  • Managing Renumeration (Pension and Salaries)
  • Training (through Civil Service College Uganda)

The Ministry is headed by The Cabinet Minister, Hon. Wilson Muruli Mukasa and The State Minister Hon. Mary Mugasa Akiiki who provide Political Leadership.

The Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Catherine B. Musingwiire, provides Technical Leadership to the Ministry.

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