National Records Centre and Archives

The Uganda National Records Centre and Archives (NRCA), is a government building that houses the headquarters of the Uganda National Archives and Records Centre.

The National Archives Centre is administered by the Uganda Ministry of Public Service.

Official Opening of the National Records Archives Center by the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister

The facility has standard repositories, strong room for storage of classified information, mobile shelving for storage of records, conducive environment, to preserve records, search room for researchers, library, an exhibition room and incinerator for destruction of valueless records in an environmentally friendly manner.

This centre is Uganda’s inheritance. Ugandan researchers and even the general public can come here and view records from far back as 1900. This centre tells the history of a country. So you can come and view the 1900 Agreement, the various Constitutions we have had among many other important documents. A country without a history is no country. This is our inheritance and we should cherish this as a nation.

Services offered by centre

Appraised semi-current and archival records from ministries, departments, agencies and local governments are stored and managed at the centre. The facility also offers reference, retrieval and search room services.

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