Directorate of Human Resource Management

The Directorate is currently headed by Director Mrs. Adah K Muwanga

The Directorate for Human Resource Management is responsible for the development of the Human Resource Management policy for the Public Service and has the following departments through which this objective is achieved.

  • Department of Human Resource ManagementDevelops, reviews and monitors the implementation of Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development policies, regulations, guidelines, standards, procedures and systems for efficient and effective Public Service delivery.
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  • Department of CompensationProvides policy direction, supervision and technical backstopping to MDAs and LGs, Manages the pensions scheme for the traditional Public Service, the Police Force, The Prisons Service, the Education Service, Defence and the compensation of the former employees of the defunct East African Community (EAC).  Ensures fair, equitable, transparent and prompt system of computation and payment of pensions and other terminal benefits.
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  • Department of Human Resource Planning & DevelopmentOversees the design, development and implementation of relevant training plans, policies and programmes to meet the training and capacity building need of the Public Service.
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  • Department of Performance ManagementDesigns, develops and monitors the implementation of Performance Management Policy/ Standards, Result Oriented Management; Performance Appraisal, Performance Assessment, Programs Impact Assessment, Performance recognition and Reward and Target and standards setting; Ensures that the existing performance management systems in the Public Service reflect good practice standards and are implemented consistently by managers to ensure that a proper and realistic performance dialogue takes place at all levels.
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