Department of Research and Standards

This functional area covers Operational Research, Development Research, Research Tools Design, Data Collection and Analysis, Innovative Research.

A) Purpose: The Department of Research and Standards within the Directorate of Management Services is responsible for enhancing efficiency, productivity and effectiveness of service delivery in the public service through the review, analysis and development of standards (Job evaluation, Schemes of Service, Job descriptions), undertaking research and render technical advice / guidance to Ministries, Departments, Agencies and local governments in the areas of research and standards.


 To establish and strengthen management structures and systems for effective and efficient service delivery



1)      Eliminate service delivery bottlenecks and develop strategies for addressing them.


     (i)          Develop and design research tools/instruments

(ii)          Conduct research and advice on modern methods in the delivery of services to citizens.

(iii)          Undertake research on the effect of introduction and implementation of policies, plans and programs on human resource utilization rate.



2)      Develop and review standards and guidelines for the Public Service.


     (i)          Develop and review schemes of service for Public Service jobs.

(ii)          Undertake competence profiling of jobs in the public service.

(iii)          Undertake job evaluation, job grading and salary structure design in the Public Service.

(iv)          Undertake job classification and job design in the Public Service.

(v)          Develop and review Job Descriptions and person specifications for jobs in the public service.

 (vi)          Develop guidelines for the customization and implementation of developed structures.

(vii)          Monitor and assess implementation of  standards as well as impact

(viii)          Offer technical advice and support for purposes of ensuring implementation of national policies and adherence to performance standards.



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