Department of Public Service Inspection

[heading] Mandate, Mission and Vision [/heading]

Under the Directorate of Inspection and Quality Assurance , currently headed by Ms. Salome Nyamungu, the Director.

The Public Service Inspection Department is headed by a Commissioner, Mr. Charles Twinomugisha.

Mandate of the Department
The Inspectorate Department is mandated to develop performance standards for the Public Service; to carry out inspection and monitor the performance of both the Central Ministries and Local Governments in order to ensure total compliance with the set standards, rules, regulations and procedures; and to offer technical guidance, where necessary, to facilitate improved service delivery at the least cost to the citizens of Uganda with the aim of realizing the PEAP goals.


  • To ensure compliance with set standards, rules and regulations, so as to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Public Service as well as enforce discipline among Public Servants.
  • To improve customer responsiveness, accountability, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery by Public Servants.Functions
    Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of Government policies and programmes that fall within the mandate and portfolio of the Ministry of Public Service, and producing periodic reports.
  • Planning and carrying out inspections to ensure proper implementation of Public Service rules and regulations, and providing appropriate implementation guidelines.
  • Identifying performance bottlenecks against set targets/objectives and advising on possible solutions.
  • Reviewing and evaluating performance of Public Officers and identifying cases of excellent and/or poor performance with a view to recommending rewards and/or remedial actions.
  • Investigating and making appropriate recommendations on staff and public complaints.


  • Inspecting the Ministries and Districts with a view to identifying the Human Resource Management problems of rectification
  • Conducting Results Oriented Management (ROM) Workshops for Judges and Members of Parliament.
  • Developing and/or reviewing Service Standards using information from the National Service Delivery Survey.
  • Continuing with the implementation of Results Oriented Management in all Ministries and Districts up to Departmental level.
  • Designing Inspection Guidelines in line with the principles of ROM and developing and Inspection Manual.


[heading] OUTPUT: Service Delivery Standards developed, disseminated and utilised [/heading]


  1. Concept paper of compendium for Service Delivery Standards prepared;
  2. Service delivery standards for 3 sectors consolidated i.e. Health Sector, JLOS and Works & Transport Sector.
  3. Technical support to document and disseminate Service Delivery Standards was provided to :1 Sector; JILOS
  4. Technical support provided to
    6 DLGs of Lamwo, Agago, Omoro, Kole, Lira, Alebtong ,
    4 new DLGS of Pakwach, Butebo, Namisindwa and Omoro, Kabarole, Kasese Rukiga and Katakwi
    4 new Municipal Councils of Ibanda, Mubende, Apac and Bugiri
    15 Town Councils of Alebtong, Omoro, Kalongo, Patongo, Padibe, Lamwo, Ayel, Kole, Butebo, Namisindwa, Buyaka, Lwakhakha, Aduku and Rushango
  5. Preparation of Service Delivery standards for JLOS Sector was Initiated.
  6. Consultative meetings were held DPP, UHRC, MOES, MWE, MJCA and MWT using boardroom sessions.

Planned Activities

  1. A compendium of Public Service delivery standards for four sectors developed and disseminated
  2. Service delivery standards for 2 sectors and 14 LGs documented and disseminated
  3. 4 sensitization sessions to disseminate Service Delivery standards to the citizens organized


[heading] OUTPUT: Compliance to service delivery standards enforced [/heading]


PAIPAS was rolled out 12 MDAs & 25 DLGs i.e Office of the Prime Minister, MoLG Uganda Prisons Service, ESC, MOFPED, MAAIF, MLHUD, MoH, MoES, UVRI, MoPS and Butabika National Mental Hospital. 26 DLGs of Kiruhura, Kalangala, Luwero, Rakai and Kiboga Kagadi, Kakumiro, Rubanda, Ntungamo, Hoima, Kitgum, Pader,
Otuke, Kotido, Buikwe, Buvuma, Mayuge, Buliisa, Masindi, Kiryandongo, Omoro, Nebbi, Bukedea, Namayingo and Kamuli & 8 MCs of Ntungamo Hoima, Kitgum, Njeru Lugazi, Masindi, Nebbi, and Kamuli.

Joint Inspections were conducted in:

12 MDAs of Office of the Prime Minister, MoLG Uganda Prisons Service, ESC, MOFPED, MAAIF, MLHUD, MoH, MoES, UVRI, MoPS and Butabika
National Mental Hospital. 25 DLGs; Kiruhura, Kagadi, Kakumiro, Rubanda, Ntungamo, Hoima, Kitgum, Pader, Otuke, Kotido, Buikwe, Buvuma, Mayuge, Buliisa, Masindi, Kiryandongo, Omoro, Nebbi, Bukedea, Namayingo and Kamuli. 8 MCs of Ntungamo Hoima, Kitgum, Njeru Lugazi, Masindi, Nebbi, and Kamuli.

25 Town Councils of Kiruhura, Kazo, Sanga, Kagadi, Muhoro,Kigolobya, Kakumiro, Rubanda, Kitwe,Rwashamire, Rubare, Kagarama, Pader,Otuke, Bukedea, Namayingo, Buliisa,Kiryandongo, Bweyale, Kigumba,Omoro, Buvuma, Nkokonjeru, Buikwe,and Mayuge.

3 Technical Committee meetings of key Inspectorate Agencies was conducted and minutes produced.

Special Investigative inspections were carried out in Lira MC, Fort Portal Municipality, Kakumiro DLG, Alebtong Iganga. Jinja DLGs, Kalangala, Rakai, Luwero & Kiboga.

Planned Activities

  1. PAIPAS rolled out to 12 MDAs and 16 LGs
  2. Annual compliance inspections (including Gender and equity issues) carried out in 12 MDAs and 25 LGs,
  3. Reports produced and disseminated Capacity of 150 technical and 100 political leaders built in inspection of government programmes (UNDP support)


[heading] OUTPUT: Demand for service delivery accountability strengthened through client charter [/heading]


Technical support to implement and institutionalise Client Charters and inspection feedback mechanism was provided to 1 MDA & 40 LGs:

Mbale Regional Referral Hospital was supported by SUGAR Project and final report was provided.

17 LGs of Lamwo, Agago, Kole, Lira, Alebtong, Masaka, Ibanda, Kamwenge, Mubende , Apac, Gulu, Manafwa, Bulambuli, Butaleja, Serere, Bugiri, and Moroto.

c) 2 Municipal Councils of Moroto and Gulu.
d) 21 Town Councils of Alebtong, Omoro, Kalongo, Patongo, Padibe, Lamwo, Ayel, Kole, Igorora, Ishongororo, Kyegegwa, Kasilo, Serere, Packwach, Manafwa,
Butiru, Buyinza, Bulambuli, Bulegeni, Butaleja and Busolwe Bukedea

Client Charter finalised and disseminated.

Technical support on development of client charters was provided to 8 MDAs of Office of the President, MoD, MoPS, MoJCA, MWE, MOES, UHRC and MoSTI;

33 LGs of Lamwo, Agago, Omoro, Kole, Lira, Alebtong, Lira MC, Alebtong TC, Omoro TC, Kalongo Tc, Patongo TC, Padibe TC, Lamwo TC, Ayel TC, Kole TC, Pakwach, Butebo, Namisindwa, Omoro, Ibanda, Mubende, Apac, Bugiri, Butebo, Namisindwa, Buyaka, Lwakhakha, Aduku, Rushango Bunyangabu, Kakumiro, Kyotera and Rubanda.

Planned Activities

Implementation of Client Charter and inspection feedback mechanism institutionalized in 8 MDAs and 16 LGs

Partnership with Civil Society Organisations ( e.g. Inter Faith Based Action for Ethics and Integrity ±Infoc; Council for African Policy-CAP) established in promoting use of client charters.

8 MDAs and 16 LGs facilitated to develop and operationalize client charters


[heading] OUTPUT: Dissemination of the National Service delivery survey results disseminated [/heading]


Periodic National Service Delivery Survey (NSDS) conducted, reports produced and disseminated where the inspection took place.

Planned Activities

Periodic National Service Delivery Survey (NSDS) conducted, reports produced and disseminated

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