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MoPS Exhibitors at the National Science Week 2023 at Kololo Independence Grounds. Theme: Uganda Tusimbudde: Our Science-led journey towards Socio-Economic Transformation

The Science, Technology and Innovation Secretariat at the Office of the President (STI-OP)showcasing innovations developed in Uganda during the National Science Week 2023 from November 6-11, 2023 at Kololo Independence Grounds Kampala.

This National Event is graced by H.E. The President under the Theme: “Uganda Tusimbudde: Our Science-led journey towards Socio-Economic Transformation”

The Ministry of Public Service is participating at this science week and has setup a major stall to showcase science inspired initiatives in the Public Service.

The major initiatives being showcased are;

  1. Human Capital Management System (and its sub-components like performance management, payrolls management, e.t.c.),
  2. Electronic Documents and Records Management System,
  3. Service Uganda Centres,
  4. Knowledge Management Systems in the Service from HRPD,
  5. E-learning System for the Uganda Public Service,
  6. MATRAC and the Smart Dashboard,
  7. HR-Analytics from the Compensation Dept.,
  8. Civil Service College Multi-Media Studio.

The above initiatives will provide participants with an immersive experience of science-led transformations in the Ministry of Public Service.

November 6, 2023


  1. Can I know MATRAC in full

  2. MATRAC i s the Ministry of Public Service Smart Dashboard System that,

    1: Is used by all departments for tracking and reporting their performance on a weekly and quarterly basis

    2: Statistical Reporting system with data and statistics on the Uganda Public Service, with all data on staffing, payroll, pensions and establishment data

  3. How I can engage into the science week next.
    I would like to present some of my innovations during that week.
    I would like also to know the terms and conditions of the science week.

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