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  1. Ategeka Deuson AmmyApril 6, 2021 at 9:25 pmReply

    I have liked the website with all important posts made thereto.

  2. How do I access assistance from the office of the president amidst fears that some army officers are working a plan to grab my land and properties at IGANGA ? I happen to be witness in a case whereby a woman who masquerades as a widow of KATAKUWANGE is grabbing the late KATAKUWANGE’S LAND in the neighbourhood . The truth is that the suit land under CRB 270/2021 was for the deceased , a former DPC , died 8/7/2007 at IGANGA . Am being threatened as they want me off the witnesses list !
    Bawalane KASSIM , Rtd . Senior A/cs Asst .

    • The accused ALICE NAMAKIKA has so far requested for out of court settlement though an agreeable position has not been arrived at . We are waiting . The truth shall prevail . Thanks .

  3. kisambu AbdushafikMarch 15, 2022 at 8:41 amReply

    Anyway thanks for everything my Government. Kindly i request to shake hands with Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba

  4. Comment I am wondering if H.E The President ever has time to peruse our requests ! The Office of the President is a busy one !
    I am posting my two humble requests again via my email to H. E Museveni Yoweri Kaguta .
    Thank you . Bawalane Kassim

  5. My Name Is Ssimbwa Emmanuel,
    The reason why i need to meet You Sir or to have an appointment with the President of Uganda Is to share,
    *Hidden Reasons why people Go Abroad n what they can add to the awareness of Ugandans.
    *The benefits of the people working abroad and what they are capable of doing to add on the nation as ugandans.
    *Hidden Challenges they face n the lesson they learn from such challenges
    *What the govt should know about those people who go abroad and what they can do to improve the living of local n internationals who are the citizens of Uganda
    *The Skills and experience we have to Improve our nation Economically,socially and way of living to add on our nation
    *Mainly the Reasons why the Ugandans in diaspore who went to work abroad they are against the government that is ruling currently …what the gvt should improve n what they should decline…to overcome the hatred from people working abroad or in diaspora etc
    I Have an experience of six years abroad and i want to share all this information with you and the a good citizen who needs to add something to my nation. I Have tried my best to reach the President but have not been given a chance from people responsible,thank. For God and My Country.

  6. I love to work in the office or even in the field both can work for me but l love more is data collection in the field out good report to the boss.l study record keeping and finance managerment in certificate two years studied,0781434819 By Miss Lango ability 2022/2023 AWOR MISTICKA

  7. I would like to present my report to the office of the president on the state of corruption and measures to be undertaken to curb the situation. Thank you.

    Your kind consideration is paramount.

  8. Am Geoffrey onek from nwoya, I wanted to discuss some things with muhoozi but there’s no way to communicate with him I like him like his dad (our president) 0783955601 or Whatsapp 0772013018

  9. Am a Ugandan youth aged 29 and a TRUE cadre. Hereby submit my intentions to meet The president of Uganda alot of issues surrounding our youths in this country your excellency. Unemployment, mistrust of government jobs due to corruption, mistrust of government programs etc

  10. i have liked your website, Thanks for allowing everyone to access it .For me i wish to meet those people who are responsible in His Excellency’s office to offer a bursary to my children ,i have 4 children one is in primary six, Another one in primary five, Another one in primary one and my last born is still young to stat schooling ,I request if you can, very much appreciation thank you, These are my contacts 0704612551/0771828596

  11. Am Tobo Richard from Arua, please am requesting for support of tution am in year 3 but things have refused any help even if small I would really appreciate it.0760689612 Tobo Richard

  12. My dream ls to meet the president of uganda ever a hand shake is enough the l stop bothering my self coz l love him so much but access is zero.

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