Hon. Muruli Mukasa
Minister of Public Service

Hon. Wilson Muruli Mukasa
Minister for Public Service

Dear Ugandans and all well-wishers. Welcome to our Website. I am grateful for being part of the Ministry of Public Service (MoPS) which is mandated to lead the continuous development of the Public Service of Uganda through the design and implementation of effective Policies, Systems, and Structures that provide for an effective and harmonised Public Service, supported by a motivated cadre that will deliver timely, cost effective public services which are affordable by the Government of Uganda and responsive to the needs of the citizens at all levels.

The Ministry of Public service has implemented several programs aimed at improving service delivery that has impacted tremendously on the citizens since I took over as the Minister of Public Service.


These include:

  1. Construction of National Records Centre and Archives
  2. Decentralization of payment of salaries and pensions to Ministries, Departments ,Agencies and Local Governments which has led to improvement in access of payments for both active and pension payroll.
  3. Cleaning of the Pension payroll by conducting pension census in all votes nationwide.
  4. Continued roll out of Integrated Personnel and Payroll System (IPPS) to votes to increase coverage.
  5. Comprehensive review and reorganization of Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Local Governments.
  6. The Ministry continues to carry out joint compliance inspections in the Local Government and also annual dissemination of the results of the Pearl of Africa Institutional Performance Assessment Score Card (PAIPAS). This is to ensure that set standard are adhered to.


A lot of achievements have been realized so far with the implementation of the above programs. Compliance to regulations and policies is steadily picking, staff attendance to duty is improving, and Service Uganda Centre has greatly improved customer service at the Ministry and complain handling is now evaluated on a daily basis. We shall adhere to building systems, regulations and policies to make this sector vibrant.

There is a renewed sense of commitment from Government to ensure that Public Servants are well remunerated and a five year Salary enhancement plan has been assented to with the Trade unions.
As we start the third year of our operations, we want to go beyond providing the basics to our people and deliver public services in a more qualitative, comfortable and citizen-centric manner. To do this requires new approaches towards ensuring citizens’ satisfaction with the work of civil servants and to elevate the quality of relationship between civil servants and the general public.
We are counting on the public that the spirit of partnership is enhanced and strengthened to support implementation of Government programs to move our country to middle income status.
I invite you to explore what Ministry of Public Service has to offer you through this website. Since it is interactive, I expect feedback from you to make it better for improved public service delivery.

For God and my Country.
Minister of Public Service.


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