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Government of Uganda has embarked on a reform to transform service delivery in the Public Service through establishment of service Uganda centers. This is in response to the current increased demand world over to focus Government reforms on Citizen-Centric Service delivery strategies.

The new reform aims at:

  1. Improving customer satisfaction, by delivering outcomes based on citizens’ needs, expectations and preferences, at a much less cost;
  2. Enhancing Government visibility, accessibility and credibility in the eyes of the citizens of Uganda;
  3. Fighting Corruption; and
  4. Implementing the provisions of the existing policy and legal Framework at National, Regional and International Level (i.e World Agenda-SDGs (2015); Integration of Public Services at EAC level as provided in the EAC Treaty and various Protocols; Vision 2040; NDP II2015/16-2019/20); NRM manifesto (2016-2021; Policy Paper on the Transformation of Public Service (2011); among others).


Ministry of Public Service has the overall mandate of determining policies, structures and systems for the management of Public Service Institutions and human Resources. Therefore, issues of structural and systems Reforms which have a direct bearing on Service Uganda Centres are a responsibility of Ministry of Public Service.

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