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The conference opened with a call to participants to take note of the objective of the conference, as to build understanding of the Global development Agendas and how to facilitate the attainment of these targets.

In his opening remarks the 1st Prime Minister General Moses Ali also reminded participants of the September 2015, where 193 member United Nations states adopted plan of achieving a better future for all people on the planet through the sustainable development Goals. The Premier added that these SDGs define the world we all want to see.

He said that it was time that Governments and Organizations  started  involving citizens and all people in planning of all development interventions so as to ensure that all programmes are tailored towards making a positive contribution to people’s lives.

In Uganda, through lessons of experience, we have  come to realize that investing  in Technology, Agribusiness, Human Capital, creating enabling environments for  business and corporations especially small and medium enterprises are the ingredients for a new African renaissance.’

He also affirmed, in view of the above the conference on building human capital to be very timely where countries have strong relations between themselves to foster International networking and sharing of experiences geared towards advancing the global development agenda.

While addressing participants at conference the Head of Public Service and secretary to the cabinet –Uganda John Mitala in his speech read for him by the Director Human Resource Development (HRM/D) Adah Muwanga Kabarokole hailed the Minister of Public Service Hon. Muruli Mukasa for spearheading this important conference.

Mitala said whereas it is true that the private sector is the engine for development it is equally true that the public sector is the driver for development.

The former minister of state for Public Service and the now the matron of the APS-HRMnet Priscilla Seezi Mbaguta  in her key note address reminded the participants where and how long the  journey  Human resource profession has trekked right from being managed under establishment to personnel and now human resource mangers strategically positioned .

Mbaguta said that now the Human resource function is well strategized in planning. It has the potential of unlocking the 2063 agenda that Africa needs for its development

In her remarks the Permanent Secretary ministry of Public Service who was represented by the Commissioner Human Resource Development (HRM/D) Sharifa Buzeki underscored the importance of the conference as one of the complements to the Ministry’s mandate which is to develop, manage and administer human resource management systems and structures.

“Since every generation has the opportunity to remake the world we should view the Africa Public Service –HRMnet efforts as an opportunity for all stakeholders to contribute  towards advancing the well being of our people. No sustainable development can take place without competent and motivated personnel.’ 

The conference has been organized under the auspices of the Africa Public Sector Human Resources Managers Network. People orientated profession, Human Resources has the potential to provide actual benefits to our people and should have a purpose that transcends the traditional roles of personnel management.

August 28, 2018

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