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Strategic Peer mentorship and capacity building of High Level Managers in Public Service (from 8th- 10th July 2019

Today Uganda is in need of a new breed of Technocrats who will steer it to the 2063 SDGs – sustainable development goals Agenda implementation.

 Minister Wilson, Muruli Mukasa made this observation while officially opening a two day strategic peer mentorship and capacity building training of high level Managers in the Public Service.

Muruli noted that government spends about 98 billion shillings on capacity building and training for public Officers in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and Local Governments annually. He questioned the return on investment for this budget. Like other Ugandans would ask if they are benefiting from Officers being supported to train or build their capacity.

He called for the strategic Leaders and Mangers of public institutions to put in place mechanisms that facilitate Government to truck performance and service delivery improvements that are directly attributed to training or capacity building interventions

In his keynote address the state Minister for Co-operatives Fred Guume Ngobi said if Uganda is to wake up the sleeping lion potential to reach the 2063 sustainable goals Agenda implementation it has to have leaders with a different thought in the way they do things, leaders who head institutions but regard themselves as servants of the people they lead.

Guume said a leader who will progress in this 21st century is one who does not hide information from the beneficiaries of this information. As you carry out innovations in an organization do it within the law.

The permanent Secretary Ministry of Public Service Catherine Bitarakwate Musingwiire advised Leaders and Managers to adopt approaches in leadership that will build strong institutions.

Bitarakwate observed that until leaders put in place risk mitigation measures to avert the risks and challenges that they face that is when a strong focused leader together the others will look in the same direction and same goals and strong institution.

The training/ capacity building meeting attracted participants from regional referral Hospitals, cabinet secretariat in Office of the President, Permanent Secretaries, Commissioners in Public Service, and Executive Directors of Agencies among others at Civil Service College Jinja.

July 11, 2019

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