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Stanbic Bank Officials visit Ministry of Public Service


  1. My first salary as a civil servant was received from Stanbic Bank. By the time I decided to change to another bank, there are certain things that happened to us the then customers which were not palatable. We lost MONEY
    IN THIS BANK. Many a people including me ran away for other banks. I think Stanbic Bank needs to apologise to some of us for that.
    We are not even sure if it has changed/transformed.
    THE public is still bleeding.
    We had issues with MOPS, and MoFPED until we got our Mighty Keith Muhakanizi and Catherine Nitarakwate who I may say were “SAVIOURS “. BUT the little money received through Stanbic Bank, limited people would want to recall 🤔
    Good day members.

  2. I am shocked that despite the fact that I Earned salary since UCB times and later Stanbic , the bank continues to deny me access to loans ! All my life committed to the bank . Why ?

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