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Ministry of public Civil Service College- Jinja induction Program shines in Nnamutumba district

DAMALIE WAKIRWAINE is a Senior Human Resource Officer of Nnamutumba district. She is one of the beneficiaries of the Civil service college induction program early 2015.

Damalie was a participant sponsored by Nnamutumba district to attend the induction program for the newly recruited staff in government. Little did she know that this was going to be turning point in her life? From the onset of course one would assume that the program it was the usual ordinary stuff f of ordinary office etiquette and standing orders in the Public Service.

Then time came for the introduction of a module that was about how could a public Officer make ends meet with the meager monthly Salary earning. Damalie says that she recalls very well the facilitator – Ronnie taking them through how one could start up a small income project that does not require big capital but from the savings of the monthly salary. When you talk to her you could tell the how interested she got into the topic that from then she went back with a changed mind about life.

She said the following morning met the two friends whom she closely relate with, at place of work and took them through her idea before it could become stale. Damalie says they seemed to have liked the idea and willing to take on the initiative. But for she could not wait for anybody to start. She started with a Nursery bed for potting fruit seedling and since eat home she had had some experience from her parents this would work well for, the first time.

Normally public officer s know it is the usual skills during these meetings this time she confirmed it was not business as usual .It triggered her to start with 20,000 orange seedlings.

Little did she knew about the hidden treasure that GOD had earmarked for her. Then came the Operation Wealth Creation program for promoting citrus growing in the district of Nnamutumba. Damalie landed the first contract to supply 50,000 orange seedlings of high value variety. It was s the one she had potted and since the parents had prior experience they took on the contract and the supply was made. This was her first step to the journey of becoming a millionaire….DAMALIE LANDED A CHEQUE OF 45 MILLION SHILLINGS.   Story to continue……………..

September 2, 2019

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