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Ministry has embarked on remodeling of the existing office structures

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Demolition of MoPS front Reception desk to provide for re-modeling of the one stop service centre. Work is in progress [/one_half]

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Work has commenced on the re-modeling of the one stop service centre at the MoPS [/one_half]

The ministry has embarked on remodeling of the existing office structures by adding on a ramp that will from block B ground level to level2 of and then connect to level 2 of block A to ease the movement of clients and staff especially taking in consideration of people with disabilities. This will cost the ministry about 434 million shillings and to be completed in a period of 3 to 4 months if all factors are constant.

Set up of the contractor’s Office, work to commence on building of a Ramp through Block B to Block A

Another renovation is about the remodeling of the old reception centre into a modern designed One stop service centre. This is going to serve as the Ministry front line desk. The remodeling is going to involve creating ambiance for all services for example a pantry for preparing tea and safe water for drinking services, well elevated windows designs, air conditioners, installing security CCTV cameras  among others.  It an intended innovation for the Ministry to improve on services to clients especially when there is a lot of hustle in accessing information about pensioners and active civil servants in the entire  Government. The works are planned to take six months.

August 27, 2018

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