CSI No. 1 of 2022 – Salary Structure for FY 2022/2023

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CSI No. 1 of 2022 - Salary Structure for FY 2022/2023

Circular Standing Instruction No. 1 of 2022 - Salary Structure for FY 2022/2023

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  1. I will require every update on every circular and standing orders as a public servant.

  2. This work is appreciated

  3. We still lack equality in this . the lowest ranks in police are to be considered. They suffer much for our wellbeing as Ugandans,bit they leave them hungry which will make them reducereduce the way how they provided services. Their commanders will not be happy to command hungry people. It is like going for along journey with a vehicle which has no fuel .example an ambulance. They are important like it.

  4. The long awaited document is finally out with answers to the fears.

  5. Still implemented such a bogus structure, let them wait for the results by UNEB
    It will tell them that scientists are doing work

  6. The salary structure is a disappointment to headteachers in secondary

  7. Thanks for embracing the digital revolution marching with the conventional means

  8. 🙏

  9. Askari and Porter working at health center will earn how much this financial year 2022 2023

  10. MoPS. Thank you for honouring the presidential directive. Scientists have been considered

  11. At last the expected salary structure 2022/23 is released, thank you MPs

  12. its not opening! whatsapp?

  13. Am police officer update on salary scales

  14. Good

  15. why are civil engineer (technician)working in Uganda Police force not considered professional yet they serve in construction department s,

  16. Did askari and porters going to lunch allowences to add on this Money or that is the net

    • That’s a good question! We are also wondering why there is no enhancement while minister mukasa and PS mentioned that;Starting from the sweeper and other support staff at health facilities up to the top most health worker their salaries will be enhanced this F/Y 2022/2023. The circular is favouring only medics (What about ASKARI AND PORTERS) as they not workers Earning 187660 Ugandan shillings while EN earns 1.4m for sure look into that! Thank you

  17. Thank you.

  18. How to calculate death gratuity for police officers

  19. We need calification on salary scale for laboratory assistants in secondary schools, because many people have diplomas but a given pinunt we are requesting the commission to allow people to upgrade their salary scales from certificate to diploma scale and we tired of u people employing s.6 leavers.

  20. Thats not true, all engineers in UPF are paid on science scale…, pliz do yo research well.

  21. bravo

  22. Update me with new salary structure of police constable

  23. This is good

  24. Bikorwomuhangi IsaacAugust 3, 2022 at 9:56 amReply

    All government civil servants need to be paid well. It is the secondary headteachers who are disappointed but all non scientists workers are really unhappy eg Accountants,Primary teachers ,secondary arts teachers,drivers,secretaries,CAOs,Procurement officers,finances,Human Resource Officers,Auditors etc etc etc. This means that there’s need for salary harmonization if they are to delivery very well. Especially some section of local govt workers still earn peanuts and this affects service delivery sincerely. Who doesn’t see this

  25. Support staff at health centers eg ASKARI and Porters how much are they going to earn this f/y 2022/2023 some Nurses have started telling their fellow staff at health centers they have no worker

  26. Support staff at health centers eg ASKARI and Porters how much are they going to earn this f/y 2022/2023

  27. Hw can the CAO who pay a science teacher earn low salary no meaning at all !

  28. Paul Mulumbi( MA Literature)August 9, 2022 at 1:34 pmReply

    I wonder which people in government suggest such policies on salary structure. A head teacher with a Masters earning 2.35m and a diploma holder earns 2.2m, first degree holder earns 4.2m because he teaches Biology or Chemistry. I’m conco sure that most of the placaments in higher institutions and even the job market majorly consider one who has passed English and Mathematics. This means that English is equally as good as Mathematics. Then one says aaaa, English is not important. Then hardly a week, you come up and, say, you are making Kiswahili compulsory; that it will lead to the development of EAC. Is this a science!? This is a mere language which is not even more important and official like English with is an international language. Is not this complete madness ?Where is the logic in this? Imagine an arts teacher with a degree who teaches English, literature, geography, for example earns 980.000/- and a diploma holder from Kaliro earns 2.2m. because they studied Biology/ Chemistry!? What advancement or research has this diploma holder done. Education is going to diegradually because of these unthought of and discriminating policies. Let’s give it time. And those in government and ministry of public service will carry the blame. Now like it is rourmered, if arts teachers boyquote UNEB activities, will learners be graded without arts subjects? Let’s watch. I for one would propose one to be paid according to qualifications regardless of either science or arts. Remember, one invests in a lot of time and money to get higher qualifications. I’m a concerned citizen.

  29. Ok..but i dont see replies for questions

  30. Natureeba ElizabethAugust 14, 2022 at 8:08 amReply

    Schools lab assistants also need 300% increment, are they not scientists?

  31. We need equality


  33. A road inspector also holds diploma in building and civil engineering, why leaves them at 399800, yet there immediate supervisor gets 4,200,000. They are all scientists

  34. Thanks for the work doing¿

  35. I have tried thrice to download and open the CSI No. 1 of 2022 – Salary Structure for FY 2022/2023 but it can only download but cannot open. What could be the problem?

  36. Any openings for lab assistants in Entebbe?

  37. I don’t see other political leaders like the Parliamentarians, ministers, ambassadors and also the UPDF. I think for purposes of transparency, you need to include them here like their other counterparts.

    There should be nothing behind catains.

  38. Most gov’t jobs are for diploma holders! Are graduates e.g accountants less important? We are suffering with BSA,BAF,BBA,BCOM, God should listen to our prayers because this gov’t will not.

  39. I do believed that for development to be there, technology is in the fore front and administration comes after. I think the move is OK

  40. How much is Borehole Maintenance Technician of U7Sc.

  41. How much is Borehole Maintenance Technician paid of U7SC – Ngora.

  42. Why do you consider an ict/geography teacher to fall under arts yet all subjects are under STEM subjects?

  43. I would like to receive all new updates from the ministry

  44. Biryomumaisho brazioJuly 19, 2023 at 2:10 pmReply

    Am biryomumaisho brazio I need an update on my salary

  45. We still have big salary gaps which is still affecting the service delivery

  46. May I know why the following carder are not consider in the recent enhancement of science staff in the local Government, Road Inspector (U6), Engineering ASsistant mechanical (U7) and yet in medical even Thoes in U8 has been consider

  47. The more the salaries are added, the more the economy growth down. Even if some one earns 100M it will not be enough because the currency is becoming too low. better to decrease in order for the tax payers also to survive well.

  48. I here by submit My application for the post of porter am aged 30yeara,am Ugandan by nationality,musoga by tribe and I held acertificate in o level

  49. Thanks for the update

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