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Crime intelligence Department-UPF undertakes HCM training to equip the Uganda Police Force


  1. I am Asiimwe Faustine and would love join civil intelligence. So I would be glad get one to guide me on how to thanks. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY

  2. Hello Amy emmy ocen jogo and hold abachelors degree in legal laws. I have the passion to work with the crimes division. I would wish to be part of the team to make uganda crime free. In addition I am a martial arts practitioner majoring in tae kwondo, boxing and kickboxing.

  3. I am Joseph Makubuya, and I would like to report the theft of my Toyota Noah with registration number UBJ 774k in December 2022, seeking your assistance in recovering it based on your expertise in cracking car gang robberies. I already reported this case at Lugazi police.

  4. Something is going on in Naguru that the police intelligence need to know, an individual called Mustafa has been threatening people, pretending to be police, he has spy gadgets, contact me for mor info 0754164653

  5. Whish to truck my pcc

  6. Hello, i appreciate all your duties. I would like to join crime intelligence department, where can i start from please?

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