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Compensation Department staff undertake Entrepreneurship Benchmarking of selected modern good farming practices in Nwoya district, which feeds the urban population and International market niches

While in Nwoya, the team undertook a park drive to watch Wildlife and view the giant Murchision Falls, and many more.

Karuma Hydro Power dam
The 21-man Team had a historical and magnificent tour, starting with the Dam site infrastructure and view of Water generation complex that will serve Gulu and other areas.

The tour continued through about 1km underground tunnel drive, 100-180 meters underground. There, we taken through the Power Generation house hosting 6 generation plants.

Furthermore, we moved down the steps to visualize the turbines infrasture. There, you see science at work.

The complex will be handed over to Ugandan Engineers, some who have been there since the inception in 2013. Other Engineers are in various Institutions abroad including China studying.

Delite Farm, Nwoya (Mama Dr. Adyeeri)
Situated at an enclave of Aswa River providing natural boundary, is a huge modern Agrofarm of approx. 1,700 Acres. The farm is parceled into 8 Blocks with interconnected farm access roads and settlements in each block.

Main crops
Magoes about 1,200 acres, Citrus about 280 acres, Guava about 150 acres.

Other products include, medicinal plants, nursery for various plants, crops, medicinal plants and commercial trees like eucalyptus. Also are assorted food crops the feed the farm.

Casual workers range between 80 to 200 depending on the season: maintenance, planting, harvesting, etc.

Technical staff including Agriculturalist are about 20 in number.

Is partly mechanized and manual.

A huge hall to cater meetings, conferences, education/demonstration training about the farm is in place. Accommodation for resident visition is in place, at least can take upto over 20 visitors. Nice self contained room served with pumped water.

Has a value addition factory in Kawempe. All the CHEERS and Delite juice products in Supermarkets and other shopping outlets are products of the farm. Harvest season starts about May and the mangoes which flood the market and streets are from the farm.

November 19, 2022

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