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Circular Letter No.8 of 2020 Public Service Salary Structure for FY 2020-2021- with Schedules

A wage bill of UShs. 5,103.47 Billion has been allocated for the Financial Year 2020/2021. This provides an increase of UShs. 430.52 Billion from the previous Financial Year 2019/2020 (including Supplementary Wage provided in the course of FY 2019/2020).


CSI No. 8 of 2020 on Public Service Salary Structure for FY 2020-2021- with Schedules 0.00 KB 55465 downloads

Circular Standing Instruction (CSI) No. 8 of 2020 on Public Service Salary Structure...
July 2, 2020


  1. Financial yr 2019/20 ,you increased tutors salary from 971.811/ to 1,132,000/ but since then I have been getting only 1,003,000/ less 132000 .I have bn complaining in vain. What is de cause of this ?
    A science tutor at st. George s Ibanda core PTC

  2. Thank u so much

  3. Some civil servants are entitled to housing, food, medical and transport allowances. These very workers have high payments. Why can’t public service, give all these entitlements to all civil servants?

  4. All staff deserve any pay rise consideration without discrimnation staff is staff moreso much consideration should be given to lower garder staff who don’t have access to vote control.

  5. This government is soo unfair, how does it pay a certificate holder 4m ugx and pay a degree holder 700.000ugx?

  6. Am okello tonny and a medical laboratory technician. Was just inquiring, now that I get u5sc which is 1,039,000 a month after deduction, when do we hope for some salary increment. Thanks a lot public service for the timely pay.

  7. Local government workers need an increment it worst compared to other departments. Plan for them in the next financial year.

  8. I am a deputy heat teacher in a secondary school and a science teacher, i teach activey but i am dismayed by public servic,i am not given salary enhancement as a science teacher, i am denied science top up allowance for science teachers,did i makea mistake to have the curse of becoming a DHTR?
    public service ,please be fair to science deputies,we do donkey work,awear that there are no enough science teacher in uganda,we are compelled by compasion for the childre and passon for teaching to teach,
    The human resource officers are our enemies,in some districts they are paying sc deputies,but in most,war,
    why can we not be considered with scientist in U2 earning Ush 2’200.000/=?
    Are we not scientist enough?
    we are the ones who have produced the scientists you are glorifying!
    Please,give me a simple answer.
    I intend to write to the predsident over this matter.

  9. Am not happy how salary issues are handled in Uganda.
    Salary discrimination is brought about by the president.
    Really , he tells Ugandans that he is getting just 3.5m as salary so others should be comfortable
    A certificate holder gets 4m and a degree holder gets 700,000 really!!!! Goodwill judge you !!!!
    Please let the president also think like a parent, weakso need to educate our children .
    I paid for my diploma, I paid for my degree from a meager salary but now am unable to psy for my child in a good school.
    We are crying day and night under this government.please I kindly beg think of civil servants ,we are badly off.
    Please ,please please in this country no salary commission, everything the president will decide!!! But people near statehouse they are in their own world .ohhhhhh ugsnd our mother land !!!! Cilvil servants !!!! Let U 3 or u 4 be the same across all sectors the we shall say we are well led by a caring president but now ohhhhhhj Uganda!!!!!!

  10. Teachers teach in class but if u want to lose appetite ask students for who wish to be a teacher in future. They say don’t curse me teacher. I will report u. Why? Low salary. Tuswala mubaana. Do something and change the image of teachers. Make it attractive. It’s shamefull

  11. When does one quality for annual salary increment in Uganda public service?? I completed my probation period of 6 months but no salary increment even after the start of a new year of working

  12. am a recently passed out police officer, ever since public service started paying my fellow police officers in May 2020 i have never received salary upto now september, what could the be problem

  13. Why can’t the government of Uganda promoted teachers who upgrade to graduate and are teaching from S1 to S6? Why is this matter not resolved every year!!!

  14. Has the ministry of finance approved a budget that will enable ENHANCEMENTS of salaries of health workers in the 2021/2022 budget???

  15. The dpwnloads cannot be downloaded why?

  16. Many civil servants are quiting for juicy highly paying political offices.harmonize salaries & effect as planned you will see self motivated workforce with no need for supervision & inspection;terego man

  17. Parish chiefs should also be considered public servants coz it’s like they don’t exist,no transport means,no what,but they are Government employees.

  18. Why do you think about science teachers in secondary only and yet after certificate level, diploma and degree holders in primary graduate as ascience or an art student and paid according to their qualifications.a case study to reason

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