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Africa Public Service Day 2019

The APSD 2019 theme of the year is “The Intersection of Youth Empowerment and Migration: Entrenching a culture of Good Governance, ICT and innovation for inclusive service delivery.”

The rationale for this theme is premised on AU’s aspirations as stipulated in 2063 Agenda whereby Africans desire to build a continent that puts its citizens at the center of all programs and projects, more so with the ever-increasing youth bulge within the African Continent, the forecast of 830 million young people in Africa by 2050, and the decision of the AU Heads of States to declare 2019 as the year of “Refugees, Returnees and Internally Displaced Persons.

In addition, the following were also agreed on as the 2019 APSD Sub-Themes:

a. The role of Technology in Harnessing Africa’s Youth Dividend: A new approach for empowering the youth and tapping their potential.

b. The obligation of Inclusivity, Integration and Efficiency: the challenge of building an ethical, professional and result oriented Public Service.

c. The role of Public Service and Administration in building the requisite institutional capacity to better manage and facilitate integration of migrants.

d. The 4th Industrial Revolution: Prospects, Challenges and Opportunities for public service and administration.

July 18, 2019

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