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Uganda Public Service Standing Orders 2021

Establishment Notice No. 3 of 2021

Uganda Public Service Standing Orders 2021

  1. The Service is hereby informed that the Uganda Public Service Standing Orders which were last revised in 2010 have been reviewed and updated to bring them in consonance with the current Human Resource Management Practices and Policy/Legal Frameworks.

  2. The Standing Orders shall be referred to as the Uganda Public Service Standing Orders 2021 Edition.

  3. Responsible Officers are therefore obliged to:-

    a) Ensure that all staff under their control are aware of the provisions in the Standing Orders;

    b) Ensure that all staff comply with the provisions of the Standing Orders;

    c) Consult the Responsible Permanent Secretary on all issues requiring clarification or interpretation.

  4. All Public Officers are reminded that they are bound by the Standing Orders and should therefore acquaint themselves with all the provisions therein, as ignorance of any provision shall not be an excuse for non compliance.

  5. In case of conflict between the Standing Orders and Ministry/Department/Agency/Local Government Instructions, the Standing Orders shall take precedence.

  6. The Salary Structure, Unit costs and rates of allowances have not been included in this edition of the Standing Orders. They will determined and communicated through Circular Standing Instructions and Establishment Notices issued from time to time by the Responsible Permanent Secretary.

  7. Responsible Officers should ensure that this Establishment Notice is given wide publicity.

  8. Responsible Officers are advised to purchase copies of the Standing Orders from Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation.

  9. The Establishment Notice and the revised Uganda Public Service Standing Orders 2021 can be accessed on the Ministry Website on

November 15, 2021


  1. Thank You Minister Mukasa And Staff At Public Service Uganda,

  2. Thanks for your work but we request ;
    Science teachers to get their own labour union.
    Salary increment for science teachers is needed.

  3. Well done

  4. Edward Baligonzaki MwesigwaDecember 9, 2021 at 12:06 pmReply

    Am a member of one of the Districts Service Commission . I request that there is a specific portal through which this information and all developments in this direction are channeled , made easily accessible, utilisable and effected .

  5. Mr. Oule peter a primary teachers, born of 1966 who is my father, have been retired by serere district local government in 2020. In the form he signed for his retirement, there is no referwnce to the minutes for retirement before the mandated age of 60yrs, not even justification clause ax to why he retired early!
    Therefore, I request for support to understand how to help my father either be reastated into work or paid his benefits.

    Thank you
    Joshua Oluga

  6. There is need to define the responsible officer in terms of character and conduct. What happens when the responsible officer becomes irresponsible??.
    Acts with malice,prejudice so on??

  7. Mr.wandera ronaldMay 28, 2022 at 8:05 amReply

    Is hardship allowance supposed to be taxable or tax free in Uganda. Thank you so much .look forward for you response.

  8. Heardship allowance is taxable income according to the Income Tax Act,

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