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Review of the Uganda Public Service Standing Orders 2010 Edition

Commissioner HRM Sharifa at the Review of the Uganda Public Service Standing Orders

Government of Uganda has stepped up efforts and increased commitment to transform the Uganda Public Service Delivery Systems.

This is intended to ensure that Government provides services that are efficient, effective, transparent and responsive to needs of the people.

It is the delivery of smarter, faster services and at a lesser cost that determines the quality of life of the people.

To this effect, a number of Public Service Reform initiatives have been implemented over the last two decades aimed at improving the capacity and performance of the Public Service, as the Implementing arm of Government.

To achieve the above, The Uganda Public Service Standing Orders were issued in 2010. New and emerging issues and technologies now require a review of the current Standing Orders.

September 6, 2018

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  1. Dear MoPS, please institute interest on salary, pension and gratuity arrears from the time it is due to when it is paid in full.

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