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The Budget conference ended with a call on all departments and Directorates to observe the recommendations and priorities agreed on during the senior staff retreat at Jinja by aligning all plans to the NDPII, NRM manifesto directives, vision 2040,and focusing on the ministry Strategic plan.
This call was made by the Permanent Secretary Catherine Bitarakwate Musingwiire (Mrs.,) while making her remarks during the Budget conference meeting at Imperial Royale Hotel Kampala
Catherine emphasized the need to revamp the Ministry Research function which is very critical for evidenced Human Resource Planning and Management, Professionalizing Human Resource and piloting the Balance score card among other key interventions.
While opening the State Minister Public Service Hon. David Karubanga, said that all plans focus towards a client –centered and responsive public service guided by the principle of Zero tolerance to corruption regulatory framework.
Karubanga also under scored the importance of Local Government Inspections be targeted to eliminating teachers’, Health workers absenteeism.
He also emphasized the importance to stakeholders not to relax on the guidance of the national and International policies, vision which are intended to gain from the public strategies to feed into the private sector in order to spur economic growth. “This will lead to a public sector led trade promotion by harnessing the advantages and skills that influence the national budget execution in the long term.”
Earlier on the Commissioner panning and Monitoring Fredrick Edward Walugembe reminded participants about the importance of fiscal efficiency during the Budget conference.
Walugembe said that rationalization of Administrative Agencies will eliminate delays and duplication of services. As a result Uganda Revenue Authority confirmed its increased collection of revenue from pay as you earn from public servants which is attributed to the efficient systems.
Participants at the conference made resolutions which would guide planning and finalization of the FY 2019/20 Ministry Budget these include

The need to reconcile the information gaps between Local Governments about the wage and recruitment plans
 Employee on IPPS and the interface files be reconciled and accessible
 During this period of preparing for full decentralization of payroll and pensions both Ministry and Local Governments need to provide funds for capacity building and training of human resource and other staff
 Ministry ot issue circular to Local Governments to guide on approved structures
 Ministry to provide additional wage and guide on recruitment of critical positions in LGs according to recruitment plans
 Ministry need to ensure that during budget framework paper be represented on
 Cross -cutting issues like gender, HIV/AIDS
 Representation of MOPs staff during the BFP conferences with relevant information


  • Inspection and Quality Assurance department revise their set targets upwards because they were found to be low
  • Late submission of recruitment plans by LGs there should be regular  and by 30th sept of every FY
  • Standardized formats for data
  • Create portal for
  • Human capital m should provide for wage analysis module
  • Capacity building for LGS in PBS and IPPS
  • Strengthen service delivery standards
  • Step up support to LGs to have CLIENT Charters operational
  • Implementation of client charters be instituted through an agreed mechanism
  • Unfair criteria of OPM in budget performance assessment
  • All capacity building and training should incorporate customer care and PR
  • Post and preretirement tool be disseminated
  • Stop uncoordinated movements by MoPS staff be avoided as much as possible
  • Balance score card roll out include the client charter among others,


October 31, 2018

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