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  1. The Service is hereby informed that the Uganda Public Service Standing Orders which were last revised in 2010 have been reviewed and updated to bring them in consonance with the current Human Resource Management Practices and Policy/Legal Frameworks.

  2. The Standing Orders shall be referred to as the Uganda Public Service Standing Orders 2021 Edition.

  3. Responsible Officers are therefore obliged to:-

    a) Ensure that all staff under their control are aware of the provisions in the Standing Orders;

    b) Ensure that all staff comply with the provisions of the Standing Orders;

    c) Consult the Responsible Permanent Secretary on all issues requiring clarification or interpretation.

  4. All Public Officers are reminded that they are bound by the Standing Orders and should therefore acquaint themselves with all the provisions therein, as ignorance of any provision shall not be an excuse for non compliance.

  5. In case of conflict between the Standing Orders and Ministry/Department/Agency/Local Government Instructions, the Standing Orders shall take precedence.

  6. The Salary Structure, Unit costs and rates of allowances have not been included in this edition of the Standing Orders. They will determined and communicated through Circular Standing Instructions and Establishment Notices issued from time to time by the Responsible Permanent Secretary.

  7. Responsible Officers should ensure that this Establishment Notice is given wide publicity.

  8. Responsible Officers are advised to purchase copies of the Standing Orders from Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation.

  9. The Establishment Notice and the revised Uganda Public Service Standing Orders 2021 can be accessed on the Ministry Website on

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  1. Good News

  2. Long overdue.

  3. Long overdue.

  4. kesokake nguru zepherNovember 16, 2021 at 7:45 amReply

    Thanks for the edition

  5. Why don’t you make the soft copy available for public servants to download??? You are a shame to this country

  6. Long overdue

  7. Good development

  8. This policy should be circulated to public

  9. Thanks for the edition, I have a copy

  10. I think it’ll increase efficiency and productivity in the service

  11. I would like to always be notified whenever there is any new publication on the website

  12. Good

  13. Good news

  14. Thanks for the best information

  15. Hahaha 🤣, please let us know what we can do for our country

  16. We don’t need a consolidated pay we need various ways to manage the public purse. Lazy officials for instance can’t go home with clearance of the supervisor. Today they are paid anyway. Responsible officers are also human they make mistakes like vindicating others or persecuting others like deleting on the patrolling,or acting positions. Confirm those acting if within 6months not position not filled. Responsible officers should have a final say. MOPS is a lame duck which listen to RP too much. These SO victimize the public service/servant. Need to review them not in tandem with the law

  17. Good. I got my copy now but the way some responsible officers are violating the rights of public officers under their care in total disregard to the provisions under this standing order.
    I need the contact of ministry of public service.

  18. Thanks you .The challenge public servants are getting is compliancy

  19. A public officer

  20. I need to be assisted by the responsible office at Ministry of Public Service on issues concerning promotions and transfer of service with in Government public service. Where can I address my grevianves or concerns.
    Thank you

  21. What are the requirements for some one to apply for appointment as a senior education assistant, deputy headteacher in primary section.

  22. Can a local government staff request for a waiver directly to PS Public Service not thru the CAO after realizing that z biased. And is it not irregular

  23. How can the public service help me on seeking redress on acute torture on me by my immediate supervisor and department head after failing to be attended to by my next line manager,as well as,my responsible officer despite following all procedures in seeking redress up to the labour union representative.The said torture resulted to medical complications on with referral to mulago for specialised medical attention twice now.

  24. Law some enforcement officer are taking us backwards. chap

  25. Some law Enforcement officers are taking us backwards.

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