Salary Structure FY 2018/2019 (Schedule 1 – 12)

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Salary Structure FY 2018/2019 (Schedule 1 - 12)

Salary Structure FY 2018/2019 (Schedule 1 - 12)

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  1. want to know more about salary structures

  2. That’s how my lovely country do

  3. i whould like to know more about the public salary scale

  4. Teacher are given little, this document talks of scientists.
    I wonder how a science teacher can teach science if he is not a scientist?


  5. I wish my beloved Teachers are remembered because they are responsible for all other professions and the nation’s development at large

  6. A science Tr is not a scientist yet he teaches scientists science. f***k Ugandan Government and its policy makers. f**k UNATU

  7. would like more crarification on salary scale for medical workers and tutors.

  8. I would like to get clarification on health information officers and assistants enhanced salary or down sized salary because we are now paid below the appointments we are having, may be ours was cut down.

  9. Teachers of Biology and Chemistry are highly exposed to carcinogenic chemicals like formalin , mineral and organic acids. I pray that they are considered for dear pay rise.

  10. MWESISIGWA BENJAMINApril 3, 2019 at 10:20 amReply

    May i know how pay as you earn of a civil servant is computed

  11. gov’t to remember science teachers plz!

  12. Celestine TwishimeApril 13, 2019 at 9:51 amReply

    I would wish that balance payment would be introduced give teachers enough salaries and ask them accountability on performance and employ youths

  13. Atuhaire Anati TumwineApril 22, 2019 at 11:27 amReply

    Searching for government job

  14. Salary structure for health 2018 /2019

  15. what the Salary for a Registered Nurse, Ophthalamic Clinical Officer Finance Office and Human Resource Officer

  16. Okello George BenjaminMay 11, 2019 at 6:57 amReply

    I would wish Gov’t gives balance payment to all both Science and Arts teachers coz they all do the same work other than Discouraging art teachers

  17. What is the governments stand on the salary figures agreed for teachers on the CBA? Other sectors in government are already benefiting from the same agreement. Why not teachers?

  18. Add Some Money To Science Teachers

  19. I wonder if public service really answers our queries because I have written several times but no answer. Question why are salaries of health information assistants been reduced when other health workers salaries are enhancement and if so why below the appointments.

  20. we r in ug

  21. Its really promising for all the medical workers lets believe our country is taking us some where we surely deserve such salary payments on doctors&any medical worker just good…

  22. Sr. Theopista Iduyo Opala Little sisters of St Francis of AssisiAugust 18, 2019 at 3:24 pmReply

    Dear sir /Madam
    Where does professional pharmaceutical Technologist (pharmacy technician add higher diploma in clinical pharmacy,pharmaceutics etc) i.e double registration fall into regarding salary scale? Please advise hospitals etc. This is because it’s a training in Kenya that places pharmacy technicians into a high rank of senior pharmacy technologists especially if they have working experience of more than six years. In Kenya they pay them not less than 2.8million. If such skilled professionals work in Uganda please include them in the salary structure because they are being cheated yet they do great work for Uganda.

  23. Im a lab.assistant in a secondary sch. And i keep wondering y the ministry pays us 340000 ug sh. Yet those in hospitals almost double our pay. Im too concerned because we all have profesinal certificates attained after 2yrs at university

  24. how is the new salary structure

  25. It atleast match with the current economic era not bad atleast

  26. I need clarification, the health information Assistants were being paid salary scale of U7 equivalent to 501000 in 2016/17 but after enhancement of their colleagues in health department, instead of being enhanced too,their salary was reduced to 463700 from 501000.A question,does the government pay reducing salary or it increases salaries?secondly,does health information assistants belong to health department or any other department? If they belong to health department,why were they left out during salary enhancement?

  27. Government must open their eyes on the medical records side because they are ever updating health system almost every day so they act as the blood and the veins in health system thank there salary to come atlease to u5

  28. i have not seen salaries for district internal auditors. , Principal Internal Auditor, Senior Internal auditor, district Internal Audit office

  29. i have not seen salaries for district internal auditors. , Principal Internal Auditor, Senior Internal auditor, district Internal Audit officer.

  30. I have not seen for procurement officers and accountants

  31. I would like to know salary for ICT personels

  32. Why can’t I seem to download this document?

  33. Thnx alot

  34. Am working with Muttico Technical Service Limited. Com located on forth street, bt we have almost two months without salary and we are demanding may 2020, just help us and consult about that company

  35. hello public service, the attached document only details for schedule 1 and 2
    i need access to all the ther schedules, please advise

  36. I am a steadfast committed passionate office worker with 3years experience working as a volunteer in the youth child Ministry at Busiiro Child Development Centre.
    In addition, I am an intuitive and attentive Listener ready to quickly learn and master news ideals regarding your organisation, may God bless you

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