Guidance on implementation of Circular Standing Instruction NO.5 of 2018

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Create Date July 22, 2018
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Guidance on implementation of Circular Standing Instruction NO.5 of 2018


  1. oroma Godfrey BenaizaAugust 29, 2018 at 9:53 pmReply

    i wonder how the restructuring process in the local government is to be done? well aware of the guideline especially section 5 and 6. in Lamwo district the process is done by CAO and HR in isolation without involving the affected staffs and district service commission. staffs still wonder where the exercise will place them. i also wonder why salaries haven’t changed to the new scale? for example i am a parish chief paid at U7, having diploma in education, bachelors in public administration, and postgraduate diploma in public administration and management. i expected the restructuring to upgrade me to U5 and to have promotion to a senior position having served from 2002 to date for now 16 years as a parish chief. it is so demoralizing to keep staffs stagnating while the district only have staffing level of 37.4%. will service be delivered effectively and efficiently at this staffing level?

  2. When will restructuring going to be concluded?

  3. This is a good improvement on access to information for us all. Keep it up.


  4. I would like to know the requirements for the post of being a parish chief. I have a diploma in public Adm and management from a recognised institution and a grade three teaching certificate which is equivalent to senior six I also completed senior four.

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