CSI No. 8 of 2020 on Public Service Salary Structure for FY 2020-2021- with Schedules

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  1. A starting pay for Grade III teachers

  2. i am a deputy head teacher, i am a scence teacher and teach actively,why is it that when public service is considering salary enhancement or science allowance for science teacer,we deputies are left out?
    the HR officers treat us badly including public service and the govt,why? should we stop teaching in class?answer me

  3. Bravo!

  4. Ministry of Art,want to require a Salary of all employees under the ministry of art any countries who are done to preper every things instructure of ministry at has country. Special Namibia and burligarie,America,Chain,South africa, german ,London, Ghana ,Nauru, United state , United Kingdom ,Austraria ,Cananda , Algeria , America Samoa , Angola ,Aguila , Andorra , Argentina , Arub , Bhamas , bahrain , Bangladash ,Barbados ,Belarus, Belgium, Belize ,Benin , Bermuda ,Bhutan , Botwana ,Brizia ,British india, Brunei , Bugari ,Burkana faso ,Burundi ,Cambodia ,Cammeroon , Cape Verde , Caribbean Netherland , Cayman Island ,Central Africa , RupublicChad , Chile , Chrismas island , Cocos, Comoros , Congo , Congo Republic , Cook Island , Costa Rica, Cote d Ivoire , Croatia , Cuba , Curacao , Syprus , Czch Republic , Denmark , Djibouti, Dominica , dOMINICA Republic , Ecuador, Egypt , El Salvador, Estoria , Etthiopia ,Falkand , Faroe Island , Fiji , Finland suomi , France, French Quiana, French Polynesia , Gabon , Gambia , Georgia, GIBRALTAR, Greece, Greenland, Grenand, Guadeloupe, Guam, guaratemala,

    This countrys are done to established Ministry of Art at has countrias. and please can you provide good a Salary of promoters position held all and new vacancies as well new recruit under ministry of Art.

    No ! gun, no kill each other,no knife, no poison , No eff to eating the people, only god condition/good relashinships/good communication.

  5. New salary scale for primary teachers,I want update on this

  6. Am nabaweesi looking for job .I persued a bancellor’s degree in computer science an information technology 0758098847

  7. Byamukama Kisembo RonaldOctober 20, 2020 at 3:40 pmReply

    Dear Management, Ministry of Public Service Commission,

    Thanks for the services being rendered to us. May God bless you.

    My concern is on the salary that I get in Bundibugyo district as Grade V teacher Arts.

    Does every district have its own salary structure? Because what I am getting is different other districts. It seems that I am underpaid.

    I will be grateful when you give me some clarification.


  8. Am still concerned about deputy head teachers who are science teachers who are actively teaching. why are we not considered scientists yet we do a lot ?
    Do you read our complaints and forward or this is just time wasting game?

  9. Salary for science teachers needs enhancement since for you to be a doctor it’s from science teachers. That is why most of them are leaving teaching profession.

  10. Please help me make a difference between U5 upper and U5 lower I feel am cheated as deputy headteacher who got appointment two years ago and in first bar of U5.🤔

  11. In 2016 I was declared dead by Sending a report to police headquarters while on sick leave. With this, I had to go and check for this issue. After realising it was a mistake or an error, I was told to accept to go and be charged of AWOL. I went and attended the disciplinary court and given a reprimand. From there I was paid only six months out twenty four months and told to apply and claim for the eighteen months of which I did. But now suffering and tired of claiming . Is true that iam not going to get my earliers as it had taken long since I started claiming from 2018 up to date?

  12. Environmental health sector

  13. Prison officers are suffering seriously and are working in distant places from there homes

  14. It’s really considerate and necessary for the government to motivate the country builders-teachers

  15. Can’t l apply online

  16. There is need to increase science teachers’ salaries, because they need to use part of their salary to do alot of innovations which is beneficial to the 21st century learner and the country at Large. Thanks .

  17. This was to start in 2020/2021.
    Will it be paid in arrears since it is going to begin in 2021/2022?

  18. Bikorwomuhangi IsaacMay 10, 2021 at 11:50 amReply

    Am asking. Why can’t the government of Uganda treat her workers fairly? Because other categories of Ugandan workers also need pay rise. Eg people working in finances , administration etc. Kindly look into that. Thanks

  19. Please how do you increase salaried for medical personnel’s and forget a science teacher that struggles very had to bring these people. You don’t look where the banana comes from but instead concentrate on just the banana. Where will happen tomorrow if the ground can nolonger support the growth of that banana, ? Plz stop neglecting science teacher

  20. Are there any Hope’s that salaries of health workers will b enhanced other than the lunch allowances.??

  21. All teachers are equal
    u can not read and write science if ur not taught by a tr of english, u can neither calculate,evaluate or estimate without maths.
    no body wil learn the values, duties nd resposibilities of his government without sst. So equal pay!
    ‘ug needs scientists nd legislators too’

  22. Byomukama vicent:can you provide us with up-to-date salary structure 2021/2022

  23. Loibok Nicholas LokwangJune 12, 2021 at 12:02 pmReply

    Let`s analyse and answer this qn. “Without teachers, without leadership”.DISCUSS. My answer is this, teachers should be fairly treated in a our motherland.

  24. Hello,
    Greetings to all readers. I work as a Cold Chain Technician in the Local Government and and specifically health department.

    A number of us (Cold Chain Technicians) are paid U6 which all our colleagues absorbed to the local government under works department with speciality of civil or mechanical engineering are paid U5Sc.

    We kindly request Public Service to harmonise our salary discrepancies as Cold Chain Technicians with Ordinary Diploma in Refrigeration and Air-conditioning trained from the Uganda Technical Colleges; Elgon, Kichwamba and now Kyambogo University. Though the other UTCs now award the same paper as National Diploma examined by UBTEB. Those times of Ordinary Diploma award the examining body was UNEB.

  25. Richard OdokonyeroJuly 8, 2021 at 12:32 pmReply

    I have a concern
    Cold chain Technician are getting different structures which are varying across districts
    In other districts they are getting U5Med another one is getting U6sc
    I think this should be uniform and also they in the medical workers salary scale no science

  26. Why is pension and gratuity for civil servants delay and some are dying leaving their benefits ,like here in namisindwa district , retired are not paid their gratuity imagine after 3yrs.please u should intervene. There files are just pulled in their office.

  27. Why is pension and gratuity for civil servants delay and some are dying leaving their benefits ,like here in namisindwa district , retired are not paid their gratuity imagine after 3yrs.please u should intervene. There files are just piled in their office.

  28. Who is a scientist if ateacher teaching , chemistry, physics, biology , maths or agriculture is not a scientist ?. Where do those doctors and nurses you call scientists come from ?, Their salaries were effected, why not science teachers?. Don’t be happy of a branch of banana you are harvesting today and forget the soil that gives that banana. Tomorrow you will eat the soil instead

  29. I Am deputy headteacher secondary, trained as a science teacher with a load of 12 lessons per weak, committed, and result-oriented. I used to receive some science top-up allowance but to my dismay, the top-up was scraped in 2019. Please on behalf of the secondary school administrators make us happy teachers by reviewing the issue of science allowance, we are still practicing teachers filling in gaps created by the shortage of science teachers.

  30. Concern: M a Health Information Assistant attached to a certain health facility in mid western region, there has been reductions of our salary from Ugsh620000 to 410000Ugsh since this financial year begun 2021/2022 due to un known reasons and the ministry responsible haven’t come out to explain this to us whereas other districts get 620000Ugsh
    Thus ask the ministry of public service to let us know a new scale for Health Information Assistants. Thx

  31. Mabonga John FrancisAugust 25, 2021 at 3:34 pmReply

    Why should the scientists earn more than arts teachers?? How long do they train & how much load are they supposed to have??. We are destroying educ in uganda. All teachers should be equally treated. Public service ministry should advise rather than act as a walking stick of the president

  32. I am an assistant management inventory officer working under health department and am attached to a health centre 4 .Am I entitled to the salary increment for lunch allowance added to health workers?.

  33. When is salary for August banange?

  34. Thanks for the services
    How much does A subcounty chief earn?

  35. Hon Can Turyahabwa OnesmusOctober 16, 2021 at 9:22 pmReply

    Teachers are like Angels,they intuitively respect one another’s teaching effort at the subject they handle in the syllabus.The subjects reinforce the knowledge acquired from individual subjects.At 0-Level,Grade one,for example,is formed by all the recommended Subjects by UNEB.All the teachers celebrate the good School performance.It is the good results which qualify a candidate to proceed to specialise,say, in Sciences.So encourage promoters or teachers of our Education Equally. Make available allowances for carrying out practical experiments.

  36. how much does regional director earn as salary, what are the benefits

  37. I feel pity how government does their work some time , medical personnel, teachers, scientist, toil day and night but being paid small money yet politicians who went to eat and sleep in parliament are earning 40 m monthly , they go and treat their sickness out side the country leaving poor medical facility within the country for poor people,

  38. How much is bachelors degree holder in radiography earns monthly under your salary scheme programme.
    As if graduate radiographers are not indicated
    It’s only diploma holders I see with U5 .

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