CSI No. 6 of 2018 – Revised rates for Duty Facilitating Allowances

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CSI No. 6 of 2018 - Revised rates for Duty Facilitating Allowances

Circular Standing Instructions No. 6 of 2018 - Revised rates for Duty Facilitating Allowances

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  1. am very unhappy with the allowances which thy are giving us u7 n u8 bse how can thy give 250000/ for 10days doing the work out side the district yet thy revised the allowances ?

  2. Am a science graduate teacher of salary scale U4Sc. and according to the salary structure of 2018/2019 am supposed to get 1,153,439/= per month but i get only 1,075,918/=. i complained of under payment to the personnel and CAO of Mayuge district but all in vain. Where can i go and submit my complaint. Please public service assist us in Mayuge, otherwise we are handled badly by district officials.

  3. 2019/2020 Salary enhancements as per the CBA

  4. When are the new revised rates of duty facilitating allowances supposed to take effects?
    Our CAO is insisting on using the old rates. Please, reply me on my e-mail address:

  5. Do duty allowances apply even in secondary schools or, because headteachers just give on choice.

  6. I am a head teacher of a primary school substantially appointed since 2000. For the last four years, my salary lowers down to u5 and at the same time, the title goes to that of the deputy head teacher. This lead to accumulation of arrears because of the difference in the pay. The explanations by the office of HRO is not clear. What should I do ?

  7. How is desk promotion conducted at district level?

  8. Am adriver everything is expensive really we are suffering in field when are the new rates starting.in 2018 we where told to wait for next financial Year but was all in vein please technical advise

  9. What are the current duty allowances for local government elected leaders albertaheebwa@gmail.com

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