Comprehensive Review of Local Government Structures

Government has continued to streamline and rationalize structures, functions and staff establishments of its institutions to make them respond to changes in legislation, policy and operational strategies as a measure of enhancing productivity and service delivery. Over time, the performance of Local Governments has continued to experience challenges following changes and new developments in the operations, management; and legal, policy and economic framework at the national, regional and global levels. Mitigation of these challenges require continous reviews and re-organisation ofLocal Government Structures to make them more affordable, effective, efficient and accountable to the people of Uganda; and deliver timely, relevant and quality services. This majorly focuses on elimination of structural duplication and overlaps; minimization of wastage of resources; reduction in delays and time wastage; and ensuring value for money in service delivery. It is against this background that the Ministry of Public Service, was tasked to study and review the current Local Government Structures, staffing levels, skills and competences, and establish cost implications required for implementation of the recommendations.