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Primary School Teacher sends Thank You Note to IPPS Help Desk

PUBLISHED — 13th, December 2017

A Primary school head teacher, Mr. Adyaka,  in Abim District had been under paid over a period of time.  The practice in the Public Service is that a confirmed officer receives an annual increment by adjusting their salary to the next notch in the salary structure at every anniversary of their assumption of duty.  Unfortunately, this head teacher had been receiving his salary as a beginner, at the bottom of the salary scale as opposed to notch 12 where he should have been considering his length of service.

When Adyaka approached the IPPS Help-desk, he was advised to refer his complaint to the Abim District Local Government Human Resource Office given that the payroll processing had been decentralized.  Unfortunately,  his name was completely dropped from the payroll when effort to correct his salary was made in June 2017.

Thank you note to the IPPS Help-Desk team

In December, he contacted the help-desk again and this time complaining about non-payment.  The IPPS help-desk team liaised with the HR Office of Abim and provided guidance on how to re-instate Adyaka’s record on the payroll and this was effected for the December 2017 payroll.  His re-instatement attracted arrears for Jul – Nov 2017 which are part of his salary payment for December 2017.  The arrears accrued due to under payment for the earlier period shall be paid as residual arrears.

Upon learning of his successful re-instatement, Mr. Adyaka expressed his gratitude to the help-desk team in a letter, ‘Thank you note’ that he wrote to the team in recognition of their effort to have him back on the payroll.

The IPPS Functional support team is committed to offering the IPPS users support to ensure timely and accurate payment of salaries.

The IPPS help-desk can be reached on a toll-free line 0800 100 200/202.

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