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Frequently Asked Questions - Payroll Management

What are statutory deductions and how long are they effected?

Statutory deductions are the deductions effected on ones pay as stipulated by law such as the Paye Act, LST Act.

They include Pay As You Earn (PAYE), Local Service Tax (LST), and National Social Security Fund (NSSF) contribution. PAYE is deducted every month and is charged based on your monthly income while LST is charged annually and it is based on one’s annual income. This is usually deducted during the 1st four months of the financial year after which the deduction is stopped. NSSF is deducted monthly and the employee contributed 5% of their gross salary while the employer contributes 10% of the employee’s gross salary.

What are the other deductions?

The other deductions include Union dues such as UNATU, Medical Workers Council; Loan Repayment Installments; and other contributions including those effected out of court orders such as child support.

When am I eligible to receive annual salary increment?

You are eligible for annual salary increment if you have been confirmed in the service.  The annual increment is effected at every anniversary of your assumption of duty.

Is there any salary enhancement for the current Financial Year?

Due to resource constraints, there is not salary enhancement for FY 2016/2017 except for the Public Universities.

What is validation and how do I get validated?

Validation is the process of capturing an employee’s biometric and matching his payroll record with the National Identification system.  This is done only for records that are active on payroll.

The employee is required to present their appointment and posting letters, National Identity card and their current payslip to the validation officer and this is currently at the Ministry of Public Service Headquarters.

Collected data is linked to the Nation ID data and where there are mis-matches in say names, dates of birth and biometric templates, the record is suspended from the payroll until the mis-matches are explained.

During this exercise, the exceptions are sent to the Inspectorate of Government for investigation and records can only be reinstated after clearance for this investigating agency.

How do I correct the particulars on my National Identity Card?

To correct particulars on the National Identity Card, please contact the issuing agency, the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA).

How do I get a printed copy of my payslip?

Printed copies of pay slips can be provided by the Human Resources Officers of the respective votes.

How do I access a copy of my pay slip for earlier period before the introduction of the IPPS?

Pay slips for period prior to the introduction of IPPS can be accessed from the Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic development, Office of the Accountant General.

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