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Frequently Asked Questions - Management Services

How can a position be created on the IPPS?

A position can only be created on the IPPS when there is a formal request from the respective Accounting Officer and that the position exists on the approved structure.

Where do I find the Job Descriptions for a particular job?

Upon receipt of a formal request from an Accounting Officer, the respective Job Descriptions are provided under the signature of the PS MoPS.  On the other hand, the Job Descriptions can be accessed from the Ministry website, www.publicservice.go.ug.

How can I access the approved structure for a MDA/LG?

To access a copy of the approved structure for an MDA/LG, you will required a letter requesting for it signed off by the respective Accounting Officer.  Alternatively, the approved structure can be accessed from the MoPS website, www.publicservice.go.ug.

What happens when there are staff that exist for positions not on the structure?

For positions that do not exist on the structure, the MDA/LG is required to submit a customized structure for approval.  The Customized structure would have to put into considerations these positions.

How can we tradeoff one job position for another?

This can only be done upon receipt of a letter from the Accounting Officer requesting for the trade off and the Accounting Officer is required to provide the justification for the tradeoff.  The job position being traded off should not be critical and should be vacant.

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