Management Services Department

This Department is headed by the Commissioner for Management Services, Mrs. Betty.M. Banyoya.
The Commissioner - Management Services Department

The Commissioner is assisted by three Assistant Commissioners

  • The Assistant Commissioner Management Services
  • The Assistant Commissioner Organization and Methods, Systems
  • The Assistant Commissioner Standards-ROM, OOB and PMTS.

The Management Services Department is primarily a specialised internal consultancy to help improve the performance of Government by giving technical advice. In addition the department offers specialised consultancy to other Institutions outside Government.

Mandate of the Department
The Department is mandated to ensure that appropriate structures, and systems are developed and instituted in the Public Service in a harmonized manner for efficient and effective service delivery. This is done through the periodic review and development of organizational structures, systems and procedures in line with legislative and policy changes and support implementation of Local Government Structures.


  •     Streamlining organizational structures of Central Ministries.
  •     Restructuring Secretaries of Service Commissions and other Constitutional Bodies
  •     Completing the Job Evaluation Exercise for Central Ministries and circulating the Report to all Stakeholders
  •     Finalizing the Divestiture Policy Framework for implementation.
  •     Reviewing the consultancy Report on facilities and Assets Management. The Reports and the assets Inventory were handed over to the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development Treasury Inspectorate Department) for implementation.

Targets of the Department

  • Implementing the recommendations of the Restructuring Report for the constitutional Commission and Bodies.
  • Commencing the restructuring exercise for Local Governments.
  • Implementing the Divestiture Policy Framework.

Focus of the Department

  • Organisation development and design
  • Systems development (methods & procedures)
  • Setting performance standards
  • Job analysis & design (Job description & Specification)
  • Job Evaluation
  • Competence profiling
  • Method study
  • Business Analysis
  • Work measurement (Industrial Engineering)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Management Services provides view of problems outside of those directly involved.
  • Provide specialist help in the form of methodology, consulting skills and analysis.
  • Provide specialist help in the form of methodology, consulting skills and analysis.
  • Professional integrity.

Question: Some of the Questions Management Services answers.

Need : Should the function or work be carried out at all?

Organisation: Given the need to carry it out, what is the best way to organise the activity?

System: Given a sound organisation, what are the best systems and methods to achieve the objectives of the activity?

Compliance: Does the way the activity conducted comply Checking with statutory requirements and administrative regulations or standards?

Value for money: Overall is the activity economic, efficient and effective?
Major Achievement of Management Services Department for the last 5 years.

  • Review and rationalisation of Ministries.
  • Review of District structures to re-align them with the provisions of the Resistance Councils statute No. 15.
  • (a) Review and rationalisation of structures of Government Ministries to re-align them with the provisions of the Constitution 1995 and Local Governments Act. (b) Reviewing and refining the 1998 Restructuring Reports.
  • Post Constitutional Restructuring of the Constitutional Commissions and Bodies.
  • Restructuring of the National Referral Hospitals (Mulago and Butabika).
  • Restructuring of State House.
  • Restructuring of Makerere University.
  • Restructuring of Department of Geological Surveys and Mines. (formerly Divestiture Candidate).
  • Restructuring of Regional Referral Hospitals (9).
  • Restructuring of Immigration Department (formerly Divestiture candidate).
  • Strengthening of the Judiciary.
  • Restructuring and Merger of Tourist Board, Uganda Export Promotion and Uganda Investment Authority.
  • Restructuring of the Movement Secretariat.
  • Functional Analysis of Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries.
  • Restructuring of Local Governments.
  • Restructuring of Land Registration Department (former candidate for divestiture).
  • Restructuring of Department Meteorology.
  • Restructuring of Land Valuation Division (former candidate for divestiture).
  • Restructuring of Administrator General Department.
  • Restructuring of Registrar General (Divestiture candidate)
  • Restructuring of Law Council.
  • Functional Analysis of NAADS.
  • Restructuring of 47 Training Institutions.
  • Job Evaluation for central ministries, Local Governments, and the Parliamentary service.
  • Design the teachers parent pay roll management system and the pay charge forms, pensions systems.
  • Developed pay systems for the central and local government.
  • Job grading for all the jobs in the Public Service.
  • Standardised Job grades salary structures, Job titles and job descriptions.